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On the northern end of Plantation Key, immediately south of Key Largo, sits the quaint little town of Tavernier. Blending “Old World” charm with Keys casualness and serenity, Tavernier is a favored destination.

Rich in beauty and history, the area is admired by boaters, anglers and water sport enthusiasts. Its easy access to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Florida Bay allow for a myriad of activities: diving, snorkeling, fishing, swimming, water skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, kayaking, bird watching, eco-touring and much more.

It is said that the town got its name from thirsty sailors docked at Plantation Key to load their ships with fruit from the pineapple plantations. Tavernier boasted the only taverns in the area… you get the idea. There is also a deserted Tavernier Key, located a short distance from the town itself that was used by wreckers in the 1700’s as a base for salvaging booty left on the reefs by ships that had sunk or run aground.

One of the Keys’ oldest settlements, Tavernier was originally a farming community; it later became the first stop of Flagler’s Railroad. The town’s “historic” district showcases a restored turn-of-the-century home, church and postal office, as well as hurricane houses. Several other Tavernier homes remain that can be dated back to 1800’s homesteads.

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Tavernier Real Estate reflects both a historic charm and convenience to amenities. We can find you a quiet condominium community, a historic property, waterfront and canal front homes.