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Holly Hight, founder and broker of Island Equity Real Estate, grew up on Key Biscayne spending her days exploring the crystal clear waters, with her sister, on their small Boston Whaler.   She left Key Biscayne to attend Foxcroft School, a prep school in Middleburg Virginia, which emphasizes academic and horseback riding skills.  Holly went on to study Agricultural Business at the University of Delaware, graduating with honors.  Her love for the outdoors inspired her professional horse riding career in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and South Carolina.

Holly attributes her riding success to hard work, patience, timing, focused involvement and cooperation.

When the water called her home, she began wintering in Islamorada in 1992 and moved here full time in 1999.  Holly acquired her real estate license in 2000 and began helping close friends buy and sell.  By 2001, Holly sensed momentum in the real estate market and began leading a small team of partners in investing.  They all benefitted from great success buying properties, remodeling them, and reselling them.  Holly would identify the property, oversee remodel efforts and handle the sale of the property.  The partners achieved annualized  rates of return in excess of 200%.

Holly’s successful experience leading an investment partnership demonstrates that both buyers and sellers benefit from smart strategies for timing, pricing and negotiating

In 2005, Holly saw dark clouds on the real estate market horizon so she aggressively marketed and successfully sold all of the partnership’s real estate holdings. Two of the partners doubted the impending demise of the real estate market and asked her to find properties for them and she refused thus denying herself thousands of dollars in commissions.

Holly has always felt that integrity is more important than personal gain.  In late 2005, Holly founded Island Equity on this exact premise.  The goal of Island Equity Real Estate is to provide sincere, honest, hard work to help a client get the results they want.   Most importantly, the customer’s needs are always the priority.  Working with the public was new to Holly and some competing agents even called her clients with predictions that Island Equity Real Estate would be out of business within 6 months.  Much to everyone’s surprise, Island Equity Real Estate thrived and by 2007 Holly was the top real estate agent in the entire County.  By 2009 she had earned so much respect from her peers that she was nominated and elected to the FL Keys Board of Realtors.

Today, Holly is intently focused on learning new ways Island Equity Real Estate can represent our clients even more effectively.