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The Florida Keys have been Elizabeth’s home for 25 years. One might say a perfect match for this environmentalist, boating enthusiast, and community-conscious woman who treasures the unique ecosystem that is the Keys and continually seeks out ways to be a part of its preservation and sustainability.

Elizabeth’s pathway into a real estate career was a progression and natural outgrowth of her long-standing career as that of boat captain. She has been at the helm conducting fishing charters, snorkeling expeditions, and environmental tours, has led summer camps, trained women through her signature She’s at Sea Boat Handling for Women program, and is a founding member of the local non-profit, Florida Bay Forever. With her comprehensive experience managing staff and interfacing with a corporate clientele, she is well-poised to share her knowledge and love of the Keys and the lifestyle she leads.  

Her drive to diversify her career is rooted in the joy she feels in helping visitors experience the magic and wonder of living in, on, under, and near the water. Time and again, she has witnessed an exuberance and re-invigorated spirit emerge after her guests spend a day on the water.  

The “superpower” her clients will instantly recognize is her passion for helping people live the life they deserve, desire, and imagine. Having spent decades here, she is incredibly resourceful, knows every street and neighborhood, and what each has to offer. As so often happens, vacationers in the Keys become residents of the Keys, and Elizabeth is just the person to make that happen. She is equally ready and able to help homeowners who decide, for whatever reason, to sell their properties. Her authentic land-sea connection allows her to artfully market homes with an integrity and enthusiasm that is certain to bring buyers!  

If you want a tireless advocate and astute advisor to guide you through your next Florida Keys real estate journey, Elizabeth will take the helm and assure you “smooth sailing!”